Please follow me down into the ancient pterodactyl pit.

Darwin created a viewpoint where we have to perceive ourselves being conceived from the 

womb of monkeys, and so on.

This goes deeper than Darwin.  I am a human.  This is my place in the universe.

Life is not a great scientific mystery of evolution when you're 

into the Holy Bible, you see the human being for what we are, what life is intended for 

us to be.  Life is spiritual, it is miraculous.  It is the conception and perfect 

plan for you to live with power, love, and a sound mind.

I'm a creationist, and a writer.  I have a few bones and fossils and little things I found outdoors.  I gathered most of this information from creationists and evolution scientists alike, using their own research to back up creation science, on subjects like irreducible complexity, and punctuated equilibrium.  The research is backed up in fact, some things you just have to research on your own.  I like to think I'm helping kids come to the light instead of ignoring, as in being ignorant.

I can tell you why the theory of evolution is no longer taught as fact in a lot of schools, in three steps  we can cover in depth.

1.  There are no transitional species (missing links) ever found between the animal kinds, when evolution scientists claim to have found them, they are highly controversial between evolution scientists and creationists alike as these finds are always crudely pieced together, most of the time maybe just one bone fragment.  There are plenty of complete skeletons of real animals.  Yahoweh created animal kinds, as described in the book of Genesis, with variations within the animal kind.

2.  Scientists are hard at work trying to make the very spark of life in a lab, and trying to make bacteria evolve, bacteria with lots of variations, but it never changes into anything else than bacteria.  Same with fruit flies.  They have been working on the same experiment for over 100 years now, through millions of generations.  Basically the same idea: I can keep adding bigger chickens to my flock, and they're just domestic chickens, that's just what you get.

3.  The most serious biologists will tell you the animals they study are irreducibly complex.

Meaning that the animal needs all its unique parts to work all together all at once, or it's dead. This is proof of intelligent design.

Fossils and the Missing Link Conundrum

An excellent fossil, just one of many complete plesiosaurs.

Your standard missing link.  The human missing link Lucy.  Pieced together monkey bones found over a mile and a half in different layers of the Earth.  A guy got paid to do this, by the US government.

I am reading Evolution, the Grand Experiment.

evolutionist point:  Some animals have similar anatomy, and this demonstrates that these animals evolved from a common ancestor which also had this same anatomy.  Such as man from ape.

counterpoint:  Completely unrelated animals also have similar anatomy, such as sharks and dolphins, birds and bats, and marsupial and placental mice.

for example birds may have claws on their wings, so do bats.

They keep telling us, and telling us that dinosaurs went extinct millions of years ago.  They keep asking why did dinosaurs go extinct, how did dinosaurs go extinct...

really I believe that dinosaurs never went extinct,

they were called dragons up until about 1850, and there may still be a few timid dinosaurs around.

Scientists recently found soft tissue from dinosaurs with dna that would have been turned to rock and destroyed ages ago, specifically from a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  And the evolution scientists concur that this is real.

Never let a scientist tell you any of their dating methods are accurate.

We can find complete human skeletons and iron tools turned to rock in the same layer of Earth as dinosaurs.  When a specimen is turned to rock it is called a fossil, all you need is mud and a short amount of time.

We can lift up a giant rock and find human footprints with dinosaur footprints, in one case confirmed by the Dallas crime lab.  We have lots of times.

We have alot, and I mean alot of pottery, reliefs on walls, and sculptures that depict man and dinosaur living together.

I can tell you how evolution scientists make their claims.

"There are at least six different methods of radiometric dating available. The assumed age of the sample will dictate which dating method is used because each one will give a different result."

For example, when dinosaur bones containing carbon are found they are NOT carbon dated because carbon dating would produce an age estimate of only a few thousand years (about 3 or 4 thousand years). Because this would not match the assumed age based on the geologic column, scientists use another method of dating which will give an age closer to the desired result. All radiometric results that don't match up with the preassigned ages of the geologic column are discarded.

According to the Journal of Geophysical Research, new rock in the form of hardened lava flows produced estimated ages as great as 3 billion to 10.5 billion years when they were actually less than 200 years old."

There is no such thing as carbon dating.  The results vary wildly and the conclusion is made when a scientist turns the dial to whatever date he wants.  Carbon dating means measuring the amount of carbon breakdown over time.

Carbon breakdown vary's wildly in different environments over a long period of time, quite a few factors effect carbon breakdown, and it can be faked.

Evolution scientists will tell you that eohippus, a tapir evolved into the large horses, not only that, they will tell you that eohippus evolved into the giraffe like okapi, the giraffe, and zebra.

Point of fact you can find eohippus next to modern large horse fossils in the same layer of strata in the geologic column.

One big problem with Darwin's timeline is that at one time all the animals in this horse evolution line from smaller to bigger lived to be massive, almost unbelievable, there are quite a few fossils we can study a little later on.

You can find tapir in the topmost layers of Earth above the large horses.

The evolution scientists presented a timeline for us to see the evolution of the horse in the very early 1900's.

Point of fact the timid okapi, thought to be extinct showed up in 1901.  It is called a living fossil, it has remained unchanged from the fossils the evolution scientists will tell you are 15 million years old.

Unchanged animals are all over the place and I will tell you why.  There are no transitional species ever found.  

Eohippus is a tapir.  Okapi is an okapi.


Okapi.  Why some scientists will tell you the ancient one was smaller I don't know but anyway they are known to make up stories.  Maybe they found a juvenille.

It has the tongue and ossicones (nubs).  A similarity does not mean a direct link through Darwins Evolution. For example marsupial and placental mice.

If there were complete giraffe fossills where we could see specimen 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 look their neck and legs are growing longer I would say that's a transitional species, but you never find that.  Never.  Never ever.  If the evolution scientists try to say they have that then demand a complete skeleton, found complete, instead of animals based on half a jaw or a skull. They have invented new species of giraffe to end this controversy, some of them are later taken out of the giraffe family.  They will tell you there are at least 12 giraffe missing links to fill this huge gap, every one of them is based on one bone fragment.

"Sawed and sanded," my wife said, I said you're right for saying that.

Sivatherium (an alleged giraffe missing link)

It did not look like a giraffe, but rather like a giant stout antelope, with short neck and limbs, and long palmate horns, and probably fed on grasses: it had a wide snout like a moose.  –evolution scientist

They are so tricky the way they try to display these animals, they find skulls from cattle, moose, deer, etc. with nubs for antlers that look like the giraffes ossicones and then they make you jump to conclusions when they put it on a stuffed giraffe.

And I quote a very scientific book, "It cannot be certain that the horns of Climacocoras are ossicones."

They depict them in pictures evolving by putting them all in a row and painting them up the same. All we have are creations.   I call them cruddy buddies.  "Evolution is absolutely real go ahead and put that in the textbooks!"

Don't get me started on the fake feathered dinosaurs maticulously sawed and sanded and glued and painted from about 900 different little bird bones.  It's in, Evolution, The Grand Experiment.

Evolution scientists have said the fetuses of all animals all look alike, were definitely proven wrong and still taught it, they left their posters up in the classrooms.

They said our fetuses have tails like lizards.

They said we have gills like fish, we have found it is skin that develops into the hearing and respiration of the human being.

They spent a long time looking for the human ancestors that first started walking upright and changing more and more into humans.

The missing link lucy is a pieced together ape skeleton at 40% complete,

found over a mile and a half away in different layers of the Earth, rock fossilized and dna destroyed, sawed and sanded so the legs would fit to the pelvis.

The evolution scientists came up with the missing link Nebraska Man, that they later admitted was based on a boar tooth.

All The missing links have been faked, completely ape or completely human.  It's so controversial between evolution scientists and creationists alike because transitional species are always pieced together or just a bone fragment.

No one has ever found a neanderthal ever, despite what the displays at the museum may tell you.

We can give an evolution scientist an ape skull and have them draw a picture of the face.  They may draw a humanoid face, then we can send them the same skull and they may draw an ape face.

You would think that out of all those caves someone would have found a caveman at some point.

"The whole study of the human tree was dubious at best, with teams of “scientists” competing for Government funding”  The idea is they will make a press release of their find then later admit it is not real.

Same story for whale evolution, body parts fabricated on fake museum displays, the works...  So let's take a moment to ask what would have to happen for a hyena to evolve into a blue whale, and why they fabricated body parts on missing links to fill this gap.  Also remember evolution scientists will tell you that toothed whales are not the first whales.  1)  The hyena would have to develop a dorsal fin.  2)  The bony tail of the hyena would have to change into a fluke of cartilage.  3)  The hyenas teeth would have to develop into a huge baleen filter, like many long strands.  4)The hyenas hair would have to nearly disappear and be replaced by blubber for insulation.  5)  The nostrils would have to move to the top of the head, disconnect from the mouth passage, and form a strong muscular flap to close the blowhole.  6)  The hyenas front legs would have to change into pectoral fins.  7)  The hyena's body would have to increase in size from 150 pounds to 360,000 pounds.  8) The hyenas ears would have to develop to compensate for high pressure diving to 1,640 feet down.  9)  The hyena's back legs would have to disappear.  Well the way I understand it, most whales do have tiny bones near the back legs they use in reproduction.  From Evolution: The Grand Experiment. 

The way I see it, trying to compare a hyena to a whale is like trying to compare a computer to an automobile.  It took intelligence to design life.

And hippo evolution...

And elephant evolution...

Fictional creations...

And fish evolution, 0 missing links throughout the entire tree of fish... 0's 0's and more 0's

And birds from reptiles, they flat out fabricated missing links from about 90 different little birds to convince the kids...

Archaeopteryx is not a missing link, you will have to study it to find out why, it just shares similarities with other animals.  It has tiny teeth and claws, however it's teeth are smooth and the meat eating dinosaurs they claimed it evolved from had serrated teeth, there are a few other birds with tiny little teeth, and many birds and bats have little claws on their wings.  They illustrated archaeopteryx with a bald scaled head when fossils of modern birds are also bald.  All birds are unique, and all birds are alot alike is all I can say.

With all these similarities being shared by unrelated animals, or related animals as mainstream scientists will tell you for that matter, you have to wonder, if Darwin's evolution is all about having total advantage, why don't I have chameleon skin, and fish gills, and a sponge in my brain like the giraffe, and why am I not immune to snake venom like the hedgehog, why don't I have stingers on my arm like the platypus's, why don't I regenerate my body parts like crustations.  

Why don't rabbits start popping out with stingers and being more and more lethal?  

Hey, at this point I can see Yahoweh created the human being, in his own image, just as Genesis tells us.

You really have to study out similarities to see that Darwin's tree of life just isn't the way it happened.

Bop, bop bop


The groundhog has similar teeth to a squirrel, and looks very much like it's powerful digging friend a badger.  And the badger has canines like a raccoon, dog or cat.

The squirrel is much cleaner, and any kid can tell you, I can see that they're just way different than a rat.

I have buck teeth like the groundhog and top and bottom canines.

You might as well try to tell me uh groundhog came from a koala bear that munches poisonous leaves all the live long day and carries it's babies in a pouch like the kangaroo and other marmants.  

There are marsupial mice that will tell you going with a pouch is their best advice.


And there are different elephants.  And there are lots of different apes.  Thousands.  

Wouldn't the ground be littered in these supposed transitional animals?

I believe that we have two ancestors, as do animals after their own kinds.  Matter of fact you can read it in the Holy Bible.

A dog can mate with any other dog and it will always be a dog.  That is dog kind.  There were cats after their kind

I do believe animals can be unique in their own ways, for example a gray fox can climb a tree, a red fox has trouble climbing, so yes I still believe that the red fox, gray fox, and arctic fox all came from two foxes, anyway they all have their own role to play in their environment.

There are polar bears at the St. Louis zoo that are not adapting to the warmer weather, so it seems they just know, the arctic is their home.

Ceratops after their kind.  A dogs always gonna be a dog, I'm always gonna be a man.

And of every living thing of all flesh, two of every sort shalt thou bring into the ark, to keep them alive with thee; they shall be male and female.

Of fowls after their kind, and of cattle after their kind, of every creeping thing of the earth after his kind, two of every sort shall come unto thee, to keep them alive.  -Holy Bible

You will never find a missing link.  There was a scientist that came up with crocoduck... you will never find a crocoduck.

There are scientist that will tell you they are watching bacteria evolve so fast that the human being can't keep up and they will kill us all.  Just you consider there are no germs in heaven.

The Manipulation experiments

Scientists have been hard at work trying to make evolution and the very spark of life in a lab.

They had said page 1 of Genesis kinda sounds like it says life came out of the ocean, well just go on to page 2.

Anyway they are furiously trying to make animals evolve and by all means manipulating them.

Evolution scientists really hit a dead end if you consider that bacteria can bring a new generation every 12 minutes, bacteria with lots of variations, but it never changes into anything else than bacteria.  Same with fruit flies.  They've been working on the same fruit flies experiment for over a hundred years through millions of generations, and just keep making variations.   Variations are called micro evolution, variations like the size of a bird beak or colors of a moth.

Ask your evolution science teacher to explain how supposedly the cell membrane or cell wall formed to hold the contents of the very first single celled organism.  Ask them if they can fathom the irreducible complexity of the simplest single cell organism, we're talking about whirring motors, highways, and complete labs full of bottled up chemicals.  Basically the odds of a single cell coming together randomly are (way underestimating) quadrillions and quadrillions of times more than a 747 jet being blown together by an explosion in a junkyard and ready for takeoff.

They, supposedly the smartest biologists in the world, have been trying, on a large scale in colleges and labs, to spark this first cell since at least 1950.

I'm smart enough to see that it just didn't happen the way they're saying it did.

Irreducible Complexity

From the very first 1.  How about page 1 Chapter 1...

"the seed was in itself."

Giant Animals

Even harder yet to believe is that at one time animals lived to be hundreds of years old and in their perfect environment they grew to a massive size.  Animals still just keep growing when they're fat and happy, like boars, pigs, hog kind, and reptiles.  Air pockets in amber have a different atmosphere than we find nowadays, meaning at one time the atmosphere of Earth was different and could sustain lifeforms of giant proportions.  You will find giant armadillos, rhinos, sloths, boars, reptiles and more in paleontology, see video below.  Evolution scientists will make their own depictions and paint you a pretty good picture of how animals evolved through the ages based on giant animals that have been found. Creationists will tell you that at one time the Earth was perfect and is now cursed since the fall of man, and only Jesus can save us.  To support the claim that animals are cursed is the horses useful splint bone that is actually deteriorating instead of becoming better.  I will go as far as to tell you that physical problems are first healed by addressing spiritual problems.

Artists Depiction of a Giant Rhino.  Neck?

When it's all said and done this looks like a 900 year old rhino to me.  And why are they depicted without a horn? Keratin.   Fibrous structural protein of hair, nails, horn, hoofs, wool, feathers, and of the epithelial cells in the outermost layers of the skin.(Britannica)  Because the horn is really not a bone, it is keratin, and if this variation had a horn it would melt away like butter.

Giant Armadillos.


You can think of the giant rhino like a variation of dog.  A dogs always gonna be a dog.  
I don't know if they had a long neck or not, it is debatable, I'd say not.  Anyway it's obvious the giant rhino were killed in the Great Flood.

  Count the vertebrae 

There are many different artists renderings of this variation of giant sloth they call Chilicotherium.  It looks like a 900 year old sloth to me.



This is called a glyptodont.  It was hunted to extinction by man, as many animals have been.  There are scientists that will tell you that this, the armadillo, the anklyosaurus and the stegosaurus are proof of punctuated equilibrium, meaning the reptile mutated into a mammal, this mammal.  Instead of a weaker mammal to a better one. Beacause they share alot of the same traits.  Just look at the big picture, darwins dying and there are variations of his theory to take its place.

Air bubbles in amber prove the atmosphere of the Earth was different than today.  There was a thick water canopy over the planet, life thrived, older lifeforms lived to be giants.  See video above.

Great Flood, the Ark, and the world before that lasted 1,656 years

Ron Wyatt, a Seventh Day Adventist discovered for our time, the route of the Exodus, Sodom and Gommorah, and the landing site of Noahs Ark, nomads and locals had known about these sites, and as generations passed had forgotten some of their mysterious origins.  The Village of the 8 has been at the landing site of the ark for thousands of years though the locals had lost the meaning of the name.

Noah's Ark is at Noah's Ark National Park in Turkey about halfway buried, decrepit, and petrified.

1.  It is in the Ararat region where the bible says it landed.

2.  It is the exact dimensions described in the Torah, after breaking down and falling outward some.  It is huge and was not able to capsize.

3.  There have been animal parts exhumed from one small hole including cat hair, antlers and dung.

4.  It is made of gopher wood as God told Noah to build it.  Gopher wood is a manufactured pressed wood like plywood.

5.  Ground penetrating radar reveals the ribs of a man made ship.

            Gopher wood from the Ark,                   petrified by the nearby volcano.

I wanted to show the awesome video of Sodom and Gomorrah, you can order it from

Ron Wyatt also tracked the Exodus from Egypt to Israel.

There was one path out of the mountains.

(after much prayer) a mighty wind came out of the east.

The Israelites crossed and the water crashed into the pursuing army.  The Bible tells us the water was a wall on both sides.

There is a landbridge at this point.

The rock that Moses bashed with his staff.

In this interview Ron Wyatt clearly states that sodomy is fornication.  The word sodomy comes from Sodom and Gommorah.  You need to question if homosexuals in your church are false prophets.  God's word clearly rebukes homosexuality in any language you read it in.

Moving on, let's learn about the flood and the world before that lasted 1,656 years.

"Their thoughts were evil continuously."

1,656 years was more than enough time for a world to build up with advanced technology.  More recently, America was taken over by domestic pigs and Europeans in just 200 years, and we have had major technological development in just 200 years.

Later we can study the Hebrew calendar, and I can prove there was a worldwide flood 4,121 years ago.

I can also prove that dinosaurs did not go extinct millions of years ago.  All the dinosaur bones are fossilized right alongside human bones and tools in rock, they're all mixed together and there is no timeline.  

Water is a totally destructive force.  If you let water out of a dam too fast it will rip up the ground.  That's just a small scale example, try to imagine water exploding out of the great fountains of the deep with the force of a great many nuclear bombs.

There was a lot of mud floating around, and underwater landslides when the Earth was covered in water.

There are ducks and mammals, and humans with the dinosaur bones.  Malachite man, 10 humans fossilized and completely encased by rock in the same layer of Earth as dinosaurs, the same layer that runs for thousands of miles because it was sediment set down in the flood.  Yes in fact the same layer of rock as dinosaurs at Dinosaur National Monument in Utah.  Charles Darwin's student Richard Dawkins said himself, "If we were to find modern fossils in the same rocks as ancient ones it would falsify the theory of evolution."

How about rabbits that the evolution scientists will tell you are 60 million years old according to their system of assumptions, also known as radiometric carbon dating.  Francis Navarro's piece of timber from Mount Ararat he claimed to be a piece of Noah's Ark dialed in at 90 or 100 years old at a few different labs and 5000 years old at another.

Derek Ager, respected geologist tells us, "...fossils have been and always will be the best and most accurate method for dating and correlating the rocks in which they occur."  Now wait just a minute, think about that, they date the rocks by the fossils in them, and the fossils by the rocks, so there is just a system of assumptions.

And furthermore you cannot tell how old the Earth is from the layers.  If you shake up dirt and pour it into a beaker it will sort itself in layers.  This is a principle of science that is called hydrolodic sorting.  And that is what happened when the dirt settled down.  When evolution scientist actually do find fossils as their theory goes, in the correct order from bottom to top, oldest to youngest, it is because many of the sea dwelling animals stayed in place and were covered up in their lower altitude, then a few animals and human remains such as metal arrowheads, and axeheads, and metal pots, and a few humans, then higher up are the animals and humans that went to higher ground or were hanging on to driftwood, before massive waves totally pulverized them.  And yes thanks to gigantic keel stones over the sides on the most seaworthy configuration for a vessel ever possible, (300 cubits long, by 50 cubits wide, by 30 cubits high) and about the strongest wood ever made (goper wood),  Noah's ark did stand up to typhoon style waves in the Great Flood.

Did the Lord destroy the Earth as a result of man's rebellion?  We do know that man did sin and the Earth was destroyed, by hydrolodic sorting. 

Just consider how much water is underground, it is under immense pressure, and with a force of a great many nuclear bombs the water exploded out of the mid oceanic ridge, a trench that runs around the entire Earth under the ocean.

The earth pushed away from the mid oceanic ridge in both directions and so came up mountain ranges and continents, that is why the continents almost look like you could piece them together, because the mid oceanic ridge is in between the continents.

It is not uncommon to find this in the ocean.  This was taken with radar.

This is 60 mile road, also called Bimini road, off the coast of Florida.  It is believed that this is part of an outpost of Atlantis.

The Hawaiians have the legend of Nuhu, he put his family, and all the animals on a boat and saved them from the Great Flood.  China has the same legend and a few other civilizations, like 300!

The Torah says Noahs Ark was huge, depending on how long you think a cubit is, with three levels, and it is the most seaworthy configuration for a ship. 

I believe all those animals just lay down and went to sleep, and the storm raged on.

Noah just knew what to do and so did the animals.

And of every living thing of all flesh, two of every sort shalt thou bring into the ark, to keep them alive with thee; they shall be male and female.

Of fowls after their kind, and of cattle after their kind, of every creeping thing of the earth after his kind, two of every sort shall come unto thee, to keep them alive.  -Holy Bible

One measurement of a cubit is from the tip of your elbow to the tip of your fingers.  The Ark was roundabout the same dimensions as the battleship USS Oregon. It was not exactly the same considering the USS Oregon is top heavy and was made to move forward.  If you calculate your own ship in cubits you get round about the dimensions of Noahs Ark and the USS Oregon.  Like holding a small model to a large one.  It was said the USS Oregon was based on Noahs Ark and was not able to capsize.

Actually, the story of Noah and a worldwide flood is in every culture around the world.  There are many descriptions of this remarkable event. Some of these have come from Greek historians, some from the Babylonian records; others from the cuneiform tablets of Mesopotamia, and still others from the mythology and traditions of different nations, so that we may say that no event has occurred either in ancient or modern times about which there is better evidence or more numerous records, than this very one . . It is one of the events which seems to be familiar to the most distant nations—in Australia, in India, in China, in Scandinavia, and in the various parts of America.

If you look at all the fossils you will find many of the creatures frozen in time with food still in their stomachs, you will find whales buried straight up and down through the layers of the Earth.

You will find trees buried straight up and down.  The sediment was set down in layers by hydrolodic sorting. 

In the United States there is a mine and the owner will show you how to make coal in a matter of days.  He can also show you where the dinosaurs all moved to the same spot escaping the flood waters and there they all drowned together.

The reason evolution scientists will tell you the geologic column is a timeline is because there are so many invertabrets at the bottom.  95% of all marine life is invertebret.  That's just the way the cookie crumbled.

There are alot of invertabrets, and extinct animals, I can see everything has its place.  It erks me to see the evolution scientists exaggerate considering they will base whole animals on a bone fragment, or dinosaurs of different sizes, when you look at alot of the bones and skulls they really just look like a rock thats been globbed.

I believe the Grand Canyon was formed when the Great Flood emptied, as did the bluffs on both sides of the Missouri River.  

If the Grand Canyon was formed over millions of years there would be Grand Canyons all over the place.  Every river.

There have been minute experiments, one scientist emptied a pale of water right on the cliff of the wide open Grand Canyon, and said, "look it travels in a straight line, so you know it wasn't no great flood"

Really, the vastness of the universe lets us know just how special we are, that all this beauty has been created for us. It's really the little things that need to be noticed.

If the Earth were any closer or further from the Sun we would burn up or be ice cubes.

Polonium 5 halos in granite prove that rock was formed instantly, like freezing a fizzy glass of water, when evolution was on trial before the supreme court it was called just a "tiny mystery" by the evolution scientists.  In fact this small mystery proves young earth creation and disproves their religion.

You cannot say that believers are closed minded and we believe the world is flat.

Actually the bible mentions "the circle of the Earth" and in Hebrew the word for circle and sphere are the same.  So the prophet knew the Earth is a sphere.

Scientists have recently discovered that the heart has its own nervous system, and really, its own mind.  So the prophet knew when he wrote, "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."

The Sacred Name

First note that the Old Testament was written in Hebrew, later we can examine compelling evidence that the Gospel according to Matthew was written in Hebrew by Matthew for the first Jewish Christians in Jerusalem.  And all the rest of the new testament and the vast library of mostly Catholic apocrypha was written in Greek or translated into Greek.

YHWH appears in the Hebrew text, what does it mean?  English translators will tell you it means LORD or Jehovah.

"Jehovah" is a latinization of the Hebrew vowels YHWH by Catholic monks and then from Latin to English.  At some point in time when everyone in the Bible was speaking Hebrew, before the New Covenant, the Jewish state taught the Israelites to pronounce YHWH as Adonai, meaning Lord, so not to mispronounce his name.  For a time the sacred name was only for the high priests of Israel.  ...the Lord (YHWH) your God.. would have been pronounced Elohim Adonai, when read from the Hebrew text from right to left.  Scholars agree the vowels YHWH were pronounced "Yah way", by a close examination of historical documents by Josephus, a Jewish priest and historian, and also poetry that rhymes "way"  with other words of similar vowels you can reach the conclusion that the vowels YHWH were pronounced "Yah way" by the Hebrews.  The pronunciation was lost for a time by the Elohim Adonai guys so centuries after the New Covenant Catholic monks latinized YHWH as "Jehovah", by bending the vowels YHWH into "Jah hvey, Jah hveh"  This is how the name changed between languages, same as Joseph is Jose in Spanish and Michael is Miguel.  J is pronounced as Y in both Hebrew and German.  The Hebrew equivalent of the V sound was not used in the characters YHWH, they are vowels.

If you examine Greek documents and the characters they use, and also the texts of Samaritans that had became Jewish priests you can see the evidence coincide through document after document, time after time for at least 2500 years... the sacred name was pronounced "Yah-oo-ay" "Yahway."  The double o sound making a double u.  So "Yah way" with an almost silent u, "Yah -oo- ay"

Where does the Yah sound come from in Isaiah, Jeremiah, Zechariah?  How about Hallelujah?  Why is the j in hallelujah pronounced as a y?  Because hallelujah is actually a Hebrew word, and the Ya sound in these words means Lord.  Not to say these men were incarnations of the Lord, but a more humble meaning.  Joshua, or Yeshua means Ya salvation.

(English) Jesus is written iesous (ee soos) in Greek, and Christo, meaning the anointed one.  Note the similarity between (Greek) iesous (ee soos), (Spanish) Hesus (hey zues), and (English) Jesus.  ee soos, hey zues, Jesus.

Jesus name was actually Joshua in Hebrew.  His Father and Mother called him Yeshua!  This is proven in Acts of the Apostles Chapter 7 where the Greek text refers to the Israelite captain Joshua as iesous, or in English, Jesus.

There are several examples where the Greek text refers to the Israelite captain (Hebrew) Joshua as (Greek) iesous (English) Jesus.  The Israelites pronounced J as Y, that is why we call our Lord his name in Hebrew, Yeshua. Europeans started using Joshua as a name in their own native language circa the time of Martin Luther, during the protestant reformation in the dark ages, that is why we now have an English Jesus and an English Joshua likewise a Spanish Hesus and a Spanish Josue (Ho soy) also called Yeshua in Spanish.  There are a few that claim that Jesus name was interjected as Joshua in the New Testament to portray the way that Jesus leads us to salvation, however my friends I must assure you that in fact the two names only seemed to be two different names after the time of the protestant reformation when the name was adopted from it's Hebrew form into the European right alongside the European form.  For 1500 years monks had known that Joshua, iesous, Hesus, Jesus, were all the same name with different languages.

Fish has different names in different languages, pica, psorri (pah sorry), so on and so forth.

The Remnant of the Nazarene

Nazarene means from a commune of Nazarene priests, there was no town called Nazareth.

The Nazarene were the very first Christians, they were called Jewish Christians, James congregation tells us in Acts 21, we are zealous for Moses law, and they ask Paul if he is preaching against Moses law or Pharisaic tradition made law, Paul replies, I have practiced the good law all my life.  Paul is asked to (sponsor) provide animal sacrifices for a Nazarene rite of several young men.  He does.  The animal sacrifices were not for the remission of sin but to mark a covenant and a special occasion.  Acts 21 reveals the meaning of the entire Holy Bible, Gentiles are meant to come to learn Moses law and love it.  Newcomers are not required to keep every jot and tiddle, but are given instructions to keep four necessary commandments from James in Acts 15 and Acts 21.  Do not eat blood, do not fornicate, learn "Moses law is preached in the synagogue every Sabbath."

A Nazarene Essene like say Abraham, Israel, Moses, Joshua, Elijah, and Peter would have a different physiology than most human beings.  The Essene order were respected healers and physicians, with an understanding of order and an intellect of the natural world.  They would have eaten bread and water for the most part, grains, fruit and vegetables, and meat without blood.  They would hunger for the Lord to fill their lives, Yeshua told us in the Gospel according to Matthew, there are evil spirits that only go out with prayer and much fasting, and all things are possible with faith.  The Essene would have all spiritual gifts that our Lord has, including healing power and prophecy.  A woman with a persistent inconvenience of cists and pollups to her ovaries would feel the hands of an Essene on her. And he would tell her, eat right, pray, let the Lord take over your life.

You can read in Genesis that before the flood everything was vegetarian, even lizards and dogs used their canines to eat fruit vegetables and nuts, and they still do, as you can observe in gorillas and hippos and more.  Seventh Day Adventist communities have proven, vegetarians are much less likely to contract any form of cancer.

Daniel told his men they would be of a greater countenance if they ate only vegetables and water. 

Romans 14 says something about vegetables, let's examine it, "the weak in faith eat only vegetables."  Is Paul referring to the Seventh Day Adventists as weaker in faith?  No not at all.  This context is about eating things sacrificed to idols which was a big deal for Christians 2000 years ago.  Meat would oftentimes be killed on a pagan alter, oftentimes strangled and difficult to remove the blood.  The meat would be divided and sold at market, the money would go to the pagan church.  Paul addressed this issue several other times and came to the conclusion that the "Greater in faith" could eat things sacrificed to idols and not lose any faith in their church.  So the direct translation is actually, "the troubled in conscious (the weaker in faith) eat only vegetables rather than eat any meat that may have been sacrificed to an idol."  Also note the word "unclean" was interjected into this chapter in the English translation, it is a mistranslation from the Greek word koinos (English: common), which means ceremonially defiled, as it was against Jewish "common law" to eat meat sacrificed to an idol.  Also in Romans 14 Paul tells us do not eat any meat that would cause your brother to stumble.  So this chapter is not about eating unclean food at all, it is about the policy of newcomers eating meat sacrificed to idols.

So let's take a good look at Romans 14 and Matthew 15, the only evidence that branches of Catholic churches have to say that it is ok to eat unclean food in the New Testament, when we study the contexts and mistranslations, the light should become obvious to us.  The first Christians ate vegetables and only clean meat, and their spirits were more peaceful because of it.  Let's take a look at Matthew 15, it is about the Pharisee's tradition instituted as law of washing hands before eating that was not a part of Moses Law, called the Torah, the Lord hated the interjection of the Pharisees laws.  The context ends, "these are the things that defile a man, but to eat with unwashed hands defiles not the man."  End of context.  English translators added in "in saying this Jesus declared all foods clean."  I have read the original Greek text interlinear to English, there is no contest at this point, eating unclean food is a made up practice that goes against the Lord's dietary laws of the Torah.  You can read where the Lord did away with stoning and some forms of animal sacrifice in the New Testament, when he said, let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Let's also take a look at  where the Lord tells us, "take no thought what you shall eat," is he saying eat anything and everything, or is he saying the Lord provides?  "The Lord feeds the birds everyday so take no thought what you shall wear, or what you shall eat."  Do you see how people take things out of context?  Trust me there are credible answers to all your questions about scriptures that may sound like they say it's ok to eat anything.  Study Acts 10, is there an interpretation to Peter's vision?  Yes there is, the interpretation is also in Acts 10.  Dreams and visions can often seem like nonsense until interpreted by a holy prophet.

An Essene would be peaceful in nature, and he would know, I will be resurrected if I live according to the commandments of Matthew 19, I will be washed, sanctified, and just to stand before the Lord.

I started with the 66 books of the protestant Bible found by Martin Luther and I also like Enoch, Jubilees, Jasher and the Clementine Homilies.

The Clementine Homilies

This is an interesting find because in our day and age we can now see it was written by a Jewish Christian, an Essene monk, not a Catholic monk, but a similar countenance of chastity and holiness, a Jewish monk.

Can it be made up?  Yes.  However this book proves that Jewish Christians existed 2000 years ago.  There are many in total denial that the Jewish Christians ever existed.

Clement follows Peter and narrates his debate of the nature of God (theos, uppercase and lowercase g God) with the sorcerer Simon Magus.

This book reiterates the conclusion of  the Jerusalem council, the Lord's disciples had made, when they told us, ten years after the crucifixion,  do not eat blood, this book confirms we are meant to come to know Jewish common law, wash after intercourse, etc.  Acts 15 confirms, do not eat blood.  Acts 21 confirms, the Church of the Hebrews is "zelous for the law."  Confusingly enough we can also read in Acts 15 that we are not commanded to keep Moses law. Through a context study we can gather that we are talking about newcomers.

Newcomers do not have to live by Jewish common law, but they should learn it and keep sacred the principles of the Torah that separate priests from sorcerers.

There are two letters at the beginning of this book by James and Peter, from a Jewish Christian viewpoint.  This information is read in a new light for our day and age, The Clementine Homilies was written by a Jewish Christian. This book was translated into English when it was pulled out of the Vatican library in the 1700's, there were no Jewish Christians in the 1700's!

Monk, monoko, actually meaning prophet.  An Essene monk would be a holy prophet.

The Lord's disciples tell us they believe in just one sexual partner for life.  "She should take on the ways of the Jew and have one sexual partner for life."  There was no birth control in that world.  "What cause is there for adultery?" The Vatican inserts a note here, "adultery for the cause of witchcraft,"  The disciples believe that to "know a woman" means entering into a sacred marriage sexual covenant.  Only one that takes on a covenant of chastity would know.

The Lord's disciples and their followers simply claim to be faith healers and miracle workers in comparison to these sorcerers and their magic powers such as changing their faces into goats, walking on air, teleportation, unlocking gates, making dishes do themselves...  This is an interesting book for our day and age.  In fact not Catholic Apocrypha.  Written by a Jewish monk in the early days of Christianity, tucked away in the Vatican library since 100 or 150 AD, by my best educated guess.

So given all the information we can see that the first Christians were Jewish monks, James, Jude, Peter, John, Barnabas, Andrew, Bartholemew, Yeshua, all of them, the Church of Hebrews in Jerusalem...  In the year 70 AD Jerusalem was surrounded by a Roman army.  Christ had prophesied that the Christians should flee the city.  They did, some had fled to Pella and became one of the first major Christian Essene communes.  That was the first century of Christianity.  In the 200's and 300's Christianity was dissolved into what I call antichrist Essenes that believed homosexuality was a rite for priests, and pushed animal rights in their apocrypha, where Jesus tells us do not take the life of animals as they are also living creatures. Such apocryphal works include the Gospel of the Holy Twelve, and the Essene Gospel of Peace, both of which I own and have studied in their entirety.  

In real life the Lord told his disciples to gather a multitude of fish into their nets in the Gospel of John, and James and the Church of Hebrews tells us "do not eat meat with blood" and practices animal sacrifice 15 years after the crucifixion, though not animal sacrifice for the remission of sin.  I believe Paul's "doctrine of devils that forbid meat.." may be referring to the antichrist Essene vegetarians that I'm sure some groups forbade marriage, and not referring James group of Jewish Christians.  The Catholics also fit the bill of "the doctrine of devils" in Timothy Chapter 4 as they "forbid marriage and command abstaining from foods," the Catholics do forbid marriage and command abstaining for a good percentage of the year on Lint for example.  

In the 200's some of the Essenes transform into the first Muslims, a distant cousin of Muhammad claims to recognize his prophethood.  That is why the Muslim Bible contains Old Testament scripture and recognizes Jesus as a prophet but not Messiah.  Elsewhere men like Origen and Eusubius evolve into the Catholic church that basically believe without the Judaizing all a soul needs to earn eternal life is keep the commandments of Matthew 19.  The Catholics gain the support of the Roman state, commit genocide on most of the antichrist Essenes in the 300's and extinguish their vegetarian and tree hugging ways for 1500 years (they forbid killing animals and trees and had a daily tree hugging ritual among themselves).  The Roman Catholic church and state also commit genocide on the remnant of James congregation, the Jewish Christians.  The Catholic church also orders the genocide of all Manachaen monks, Manichaen was a form of Hindu Christianity that had quite a foothold on the world in the 300's. The Catholic Saint Augustine was a reformed Manichaen monk that strongly believed sex is only for the purpose of reproduction.  Saint Augustine orders the execution of all Manichaen monks, and also starts a campaign that burns thousands of heretics of various forms at the stake. Thus begins the dark ages.

All that being said and done, I must bid the Catholic Church and Protestant church both adue and continue the work of the Lord's disciple James the Just, Jewish Christian monk, Bishop of The Church of Hebrews in Jerusalem.  We can continue to examine the corruption for 2000 years between James and us, keeping in mind why we are chosen: Christ is far above all principalities (Book of Hebrews), let's see what principles we have in common with James and why we are saved for those reasons.

Why does Revelation 2 tell us there are those that "say they are Jews and are not"?  In ancient times there were Babylonians, Syrians and more that took on the ways of Jewish priests and slandered his good name by lasciviousness.

Let's examine why the world for unbelievers can go on no more than 223 years, as of 2016 AD on the Roman Julian Calendar.

The Hebrew Calendar

Every Jewish synagogue in the world will tell you that the Sabbath is from Friday evening until Saturday evening.

You can easily deduce that Christ, his disciples, and the Nazarene were in the synagogue on Saturday.

Since the time of Moses the Sabbath has been kept on the seventh day, we know as Saturday, regardless of changes to the calendar from leap years, regardless of the numerical date i.e. March 17th, Oct. 26 etc., the sun rises seven times, and there have always been enough people to keep track, with work records (and calendars) from the work week for all of them to concur that the seventh day Sabbath is still being kept, and it is at this day and age called Saturday according to the Roman Julian calendar.  Every seven days, the sun rises seven times, no one lost track.

If time had been lost, the Jews of one part of the world would be observing one day, and the Jews of other parts other days. But everywhere -- in EVERY NATION ON EARTH, we find the Jewish people having been keeping the SAME IDENTICAL DAY -- the day we call SATURDAY -- the true seventh day (Has Time Been Lost?, pp. 19-20).

As far as I know there is no historical document in the whole wide world that indicates that an Israelite had revealed to another Israelite that they had miscounted the number of times the sun had risen and so they would have changed the days name accordingly.  I am on the lookout for this document.

There was a change to Ezra'e Hebrew calendar, however the day of the week, the name of the weekday did not change, it is still kept, there is no evidence to say otherwise.  I am on the lookout for this evidence.  

The same way the name of the weekday cycles right on through a leap year on the Roman calendar.

Yom Rishon - Yom Sheini - Yom Shlishi - Yom R'vi'i - Yom Chamishi - Yom Shishi - Yom Shabbat

 Sun               Mon             Tues              Wed           Thurs                Fri                Sat

I also gave them My Sabbaths to serve as a sign between Me and them, so they will know that I am Yahoweh who sets them apart as holy. Ezekial 20.  Why don't I use verse numbers?  Because they are not in the original texts, they do not seperate sentences at periods or seperate contexts.

"They will confound the Sabbath days and eat all manner of flesh with blood."  The book of Jubilees.  (An ancient Hebrew text.)

Around the time that the Nazarene were nearly all done away with, circa 325 AD the Roman Emperor Constantine claimed he had a better understanding of the calendar than the Jews, because he wanted the Jewish lunar calendar to transition to the Roman solar calendar, he instituted Sunday worship, and called it the Lord's day, and hence why 

I tell you that you are keeping Roman Catholic tradition with Sunday worship, eating unclean food and blood, and the people before the Catholics did not do that.  When Revelation mentions "the Lord's day" it can be a direct translation from the Hebrew "day of the Lord" mentioned in the Old Testament, the time of destruction before Christ's return, when John says, I was in the spirit on the Lord's day, he can be saying, I saw into the future the destruction before Christ's return.  Revelation is a book of prophecy.  The Old Testament also uses terms like, the day of the Lord, and the Lord's Holy Day.

One thing the Catholics did well was keep records,  "Christians shall not Judaize and be idle on Saturday (Sabbath), but shall work on that Day: but the Lord’s Day, they shall especially honour; and as being Christians, shall, if possible, do no work on that day. If however, they are found Judaizing, they shall be shut out from Christ."  You can do your own research to figure out where that came from and if my information is accurate at this point.

We can examine calendars the Catholics had kept on record clear back to the Second Temple Period of 500 BC.  We can see in what countries and what month and year the numerical date suddenly changed, but the name of the weekday stayed the same.  The seventh day has been Saturday also called Yom Shabbat since Ezra, every seven days, and if you need faith to go a little further than that, since the beginning of time.

What about the never ending day in the time of Joshua?  A day is marked by the sun rising, not by the number of hours or minutes.  It is still the same day.

According to the Hebrew calendar, we are in year 5776 since the beginning of creation.  Regardless of changes to Ezra's Hebrew calendar, and regardless of changes to the Roman Julian calendar, we have been through the seasons this many times, we have been keeping track.

Israelite's believe that after 6000 years under Satan's rule, the Earth would be desolate for 1000 years, beginning in the year 6000.  223 years from now, 2239 AD on the Roman Julian calendar.

If you know anything about Jewish and Christian prophecy you can easily come to the educated conclusion that the Earth will be desolate for 1,000 years and the Heavens and the Earth will be incinerated 1,223 years from now in the year 7,000.  Even rocks are flammable and will be burnt to ashes that cannot be burned anymore.

I made this prediction in the year 5776 when I was attending the Seventh Day Adventist Church at 4776 Old Lohman Road, Jefferson City, Missouri.  I mentioned my prediction in my poetry book, poetry by Joseph Baker Davis, available on published in 5776.

So according to my educated prediction that lines up perfectly with the Hebrew calendar and Jewish and Christian prophecy, we are in the year 5777, the Earth will be desolate in 6,000 and incinerated in 7,000.

Going by genealogies of every man and his firstborn son, you can count the number of years to the day from creation to the day the fountains of the great deep opened and flooded the earth.  It was 1,656 years.

Meaning the world before lasted 1,656 years, the flood was 4,121 years ago beacuse we are in the year 5777 since the beginning of creation on the Hebrew calendar that has been in use for thousands of years.   5777 - 1,656 = 4,121 years.  If my prediction is accurate the Earth will be desolate in 6,000 and incinerated at the great judgement in the year 7,000.  

The world for sinners can go on no more than 223 years from now as the Earth will be desolate in 6,000, and the Earth will be incinerated 1,223 years from now.

The oldest reef is circa 4000 years old.

The human population doubles every generation and goes back to the 8 people that survived on Noah's ark 4,121 years ago.

The oldest trees are circa 4000 years.

The oldest calendars came about 4000 years ago.

Follow the genealogy of every major civilization including Egypt, China, Mesopotamia back to its beginning and you can see they are no more than 4120 years old.

I'm not the only Christian to notice this timeline on the Hebrew calender in just the past 2 years or so.

What will happen between 5776 and 6000?

Yeshua tells us in Matthew, Pray you will be counted worthy to escape the things that will come to pass, there will be two men working in the field one will be taken and the other left.  The Seventh Day Adventist's denomination insist that the New Testament actually reads, "pray you have the strength" to escape and go into hiding.  Let's examine why Yeshua told us, pray your flight be not on the Sabbath.  Because he is actually prophesying the Nazarene's escape from Jerusalem in 70 AD when Jerusalem was surrounded by armies,and the city doors would have been locked on the Sabbath.  The Roman armies that surrounded the city did pull back and the Nazarene, the first Jewish Christians left the city and went on to settle elsewhere, Pella being one of these places, the first major Christian Essene community.

Why be a Torah observant Christian?

Why read the whole bible?  Really no one and especially newcomers will be able to keep every jot and tittle of the Torah their entire life.  Though we are meant to come to know the Lord, this is what grace is.  There is a difference between the nature of a priest, and a sorcerer, and this difference did not change from the Old Testament to the New.

What's with these people that cross out G-d's name?

Crossing out God's name is a Jewish superstition that some believed would keep the name of God from being defaced if the written document was captured by the enemy.  

The Hebrew characters YHWH were not crossed out in the sacred texts.  YHWH was not crossed out on the pillar that King Solomon erected to mark the red sea crossing, also found by Ron Wyatt.    

I had heard that a Greek text among the Dead Sea Scrolls had crossed out theos (English: Uppercase and lowercase g God) I believe that if this is true it only confirms that this was a superstition as the High Priests did not see the need to cross out the word in all the other texts.  Also we should consider that this may have been a forgery as there has always been a market for faked Dead Sea Scrolls.

Some Messianics claim that to say the word "Lord" means "Baal".  They must have missed the ancient Hebrew texts that read "Elohim Adonai" meaning "The Lord your Elohim" Isaiah 61.

It is in no way blasphemous to write God's name or Joshua's name in another language.

Word Study

You can study a words different contexts solely within the Bible, written by holy prophets, to reach the conclusion of the words meaning. There has been so much direct mistranslation from the original texts that we barely have a Bible.  I do read the Bible in Hebrew and Greek interlinear and I can teach you the equivalents of several words through context study.

knew, to know: (Hebrew: yada)  A covenant with the Lord and also a marriage, sexual covenant.

This word is hard to understand in the English context much less the Hebrew. 

Jeremiah Chapter 22 tells us,

did not thy father eat and drink, and do judgment and justiceand then it was well with him?

He judged the cause of the poor and needy; then it was well with him: was not this to know me? saith the LORD.

Also let's note here that Abraham's society did not practice human sacrifice, nor did Jacob (Israel).

Genesis 18 tells us of Abraham,

For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the LORD, to do justice and judgment; that the LORD may bring upon Abraham that which he hath spoken of him.

The Lord knows these men for they are in a covenant with him, and likewise they are just, for the Lord loves what is righteous and hates those that do wickedness.

It's like the door at a nightclub and the bouncer says, "I know him, he's cool."

The same word is also used when a couple makes a sexual covenant.  Marriage is an institution created by the Lord, and sex is a sacrament (sacred thing) ultimately the act is answering to our desire to procreate with men and women with attractive maternal and paternal (mother and father) qualities.  Now it should be easier for you to discern the holiness in the world from the hardship.  Let's take a look at all the unwanted pregnancies, the evil attitudes, the wickedness, the lives ruined by adultery and fornication, and on the other hand the Lord wants us to be in a happy marriage.  

Sometimes marriage takes forgiveness, and then obedience to God from both partners.  Then what if that doesn't work?  Matthew 19 tells us the only cause for divorce is adultery.  "he who forsakes his mother, father, brother, sister, wife, house, and land for my gospels sake is my disciple."  I did leave my wife house and land after praying for her for an eternity.  The Bible is full of stipulations for giving your marriage partner a bill of divorce.  While it is true that God hates divorce, it is in no way sinful to divorce an unbeliever.  See Matthew 19. note the words, "except it be for the cause of fornication."  Also note the words, "put away", to put away was a Jewish custom where the man would not provide the woman with a bill of divorce when he kicked her out of the house. She would eventually commit adultery and be put to death.  So to divorce a woman to marry another woman based on physical appearance would be adultery, but to divorce an unbeliever and likewise a fornicator is completely acceptable in God's eyes.

Let's look at Judges chapter 11, "she "knew" no man."  And also Luke chapter 1, Mary asks, "how can this be, for no man has "known" me."

Genesis tells us that Adam knew Eve, Abraham knew his wife, Moses knew his wife... we are talking about a sexual covenant, for the Lord made them one flesh, Adam looked on her and said this is flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone.  Adulterers were put to death at one time, during the Old Testament, the man and the woman, there was no birth control in that world.  We have had birth control for all of 40 years?  All you have to do is keep your covenant with the Lord and you will go to life, as he tells us in Matthew 19.

This is where we get the saying, yada yada yada, Hebrew: yada = English: knew.  I can see someone saying this not even understanding what it means.  In a world without birth control you would have been put to death for adultery, homosexuality, incest and sex with animals.  Seems ridiculous when you consider that men are trying to "know" one another in same sex marriages, and men try to "know" animals in marriage also.  I seriously doubt Moses would let you put any semen in his own wife, I think you need to just submit to God on this one.  Read Corinthians 7, guidelines for marriage between a man and a woman

Fornication, (Greek: porneia):  Sex without marriage, sex with animals, homosexuality, and incest. Incest was outlawed by Moses at Mount Sinai, punishable by death.  

Flee fornication.  Corinthians Chapter 6.  

Honor marriage.  Corinthians Chapter 7.

In the English translation of Corinthians Chapter 7 the apostle Paul says something, he is actually talking about giving the daughter away in an arranged marriage, and not saying it is alright to have incest with your daughter or marry your own daughter.

Let's study Corinthians chapter 7, can be one of the grossest misinterpretations of Paul's words to date when you have a predisposition to the context being about incest,  “But if any man [father] thinks that he is behaving himself improperly [by refusing his daughter permission to marry due to the impending persecution] with reference to his virgin [daughter], if she is past the flower of her age [mature enough for marriage], and if need so requires [there is a more compelling factor that overrides the danger of persecution], let him [the father] use his own judgment [and grant her permission to marry in spite of the apostle’s general advice to remain single]; he [the father] will not be sinning [in granting this concession].”  [and then some ignorant sicko's skip over these words] let them marry. 

Let's read not but two sentences later.  "So he that giveth her in marriage doeth well, but he that giveth her not doeth better."

The same chapter mentions "the present distress", so the context of the chapter is the impending persecution of the Christians.

By using the term "his virgin" he is actually saying he (the father) has worked faithfully to keep his daughter a chastised virgin before marriage.  "It is better to marry than to burn."

This text, therefore, has nothing under the sun to do with incest, ironically enough it is about arranged marriage.

Towards the beginning of the same Chapter Paul instructs us, "if one is married to an unbeliever, if it pleases them, stay married to the unbeliever, because they may come to the faith."  So go to the end of the chapter, after the paragraph that almost sounds like it's about incest, and we can read, "so he that giveth her in marriage doeth well, but he that giveth her not doeth better."  The context of the chapter is whether or whether not to give his daughter away in an arranged marriage to a pagan husband against the apostles general advice but considering the "present distress", the persecution of the Christians, he may be justified to do so for security reasons.

Can you imagine living in a world where Christians are crucified, skinned alive, burnt at the cross, killed by lions, tied in burlap bags and thrown into a wild dog fight, sent rushing down a metal slide with blades fixed at the bottom... there was a certain amount of justification to give one's virgin daughter away in an arranged marriage to a wealthy pagan husband.  

You can easily see that we cannot always "read it in plain English", we need teachers to show the hidden contexts in the original text that have been corrupted by mistranslations.  In all mistranslated texts are "the keys to understanding" that remain hidden until a good Christian teacher recovers the keys and unlocks the healing mantra of the original text, reconciling a once evil tinged Bible to be in the bond of the spirit of truth The Holy Bible. 

So, there are people that will actually argue that a man has the right to have a sexual relationship with his daughter, I guess according to that theory the good Christian man is expected to beat his daughter nearly to death when she is impregnated by his semen.  Or maybe an incestual pregnancy will continue into her marriage and amidst the drama she will have a child with genetic disorders after just one generation of inbreeding. God forbade incest at Mount Sinai because since that point in humanity's multiplication inbreeding causes genetic disorders.  Father and daughter one time will create a good rap sheet of health problems, grandfather and granddaughter one time will also create health problems.  Cousins one time will create health problems.  There is a rule for human beings and livestock as well, no closer than fifth cousins for five generations down.  There are girls and boys in my own town whom father and grandfather are the same person.  It is quite obvious what was going on.

A girl was required by Moses law to be a virgin when she married.  The law also said the man will live with her family for a year and then take her away.  This was not a custom, it was the Law!  If the man did not see blood on the bed sheets in their room at her parents house on the wedding night he could have had her stoned at the door of her house. This was a matter of great pride for the father, or great shame.  You can read it for yourself in the Torah.

If a man had sex with a virgin he was required to marry her and not divorce her for life.  This was not a custom, it was the Law!  So hypothetically in a make believe Old Testament world where Israelite's were practicing incest after the law was given on Mount Sinai, if a man took his own daughter's virginity he would be required to marry her and not divorce her for life.  Fact is God forbade incest after Mount Sinai.

God is good.  The big picture is beginning to appear, the first Christians, James congregation of Jewish Christians definitely had kept an emphasis on chastity and virginity, and were more like Catholic monks and nuns than any other group.  They were Jewish monks.  Is this chastity and virginity, holiness?  Yes.  We have learned enough about our Jewish Christian roots that we can claim to be neither Catholic or Protestant, especially when Protestants keep so much Catholic tradition.

I can show you several examples in the New Testament where Paul kept Torah law.  Paul hated homosexuals as any good Christian should.  Paul clearly rebuked homosexuality in Romans Chapter 1.  The Torah clearly rebukes homosexuality, "For a man to lay with another man as a woman is an abomination, they shall be put to death", Lev. 20.  There are actually people that will argue the definition of the word "lay", suggesting that "lay" means to femininely lay with, with caressing and sweet talking and playing with hair.  I did a word study into the very word.  "For a man to lay with another man's wife," was punishable by stoning.  Whether the adulterers were having sex bent over a well or laying in bed the offence was punishable by death.  "Lay" means to have sexuality with.  Human beings are not meant to "know" intimately, or lay with, animals, the same sex, incest, prostitutes, another's marriage partner...

Again I must emphasize the point that God is not a sadist.

Honor marriage.  Corinthians Chapter 7. 

Flee fornication. Corinthians Chapter 6.  There is another word used in Corinthians 6, "justified."

Justified (Greek: dikaiologeítai,  dee kee all oh gee tay)

We were drunks and now we are washed, sanctified, and just to stand before the Lord.  1 Corinthians Chapter 6.  The word drunks is in this chapter, so before we take this out of context, who was ever justified to presently be a drunk?  No one, ever.  Again I must ask are there people trying to make something unholy seem a justified evil? Are there unrighteous sources of an unholy spirituality?  Yes, there are unrighteous sources of an unholy spirituality.  Is homosexuality a justified evil?  Is beastiality?  Incest?  Child molestation? Hallucinogenic Drugs?  It should be obvious at this point, there are things that are just not justified.  Let's just focus on being Christians before you contemplate the deeper meaning of this at all.

Those that live for the spirit are under no law.

They turned the grace of our Lord into lasciviousness.  Jude.  Chapter 1.  They are lascivious, reprobates, backsliders, antichrists, you get the picture.

Murder, kill (Greek: phoneuo -Matthew 19) (Hebrew: ratsach -The Ten Commandments)

Ratsach can mean murder or kill depending on the context. 

Thou shall not murder, is in the same context as, thou shall not steal, we allow neither murdering or stealing in a Judea Christian nation.  In Exodus, Leviticus and Deuteronomy, the Lord told the Israelite's to kill the pagans inhabiting the Holy Land.  He also gives us laws concerning voluntary and involuntary murder.  Yahweh did not contradict himself when he commanded killing the pagans, and killing lawbreakers.  There is a difference between murder and kill, the context of The Ten Commandments clearly reads thou shall not murder.  In this Judea Christian nation we must prove self defense if we kill someone, or if the court finds us guilty of murder then we may face hard time.  So The Ten Commandments actually read, thou shall not murder.  And Matthew 19, based on The Ten Commandments reads, do not murder.

Kill, Slay (Greek: thyson)  The same Greek word in both Chapter 10 and 11 of Acts of the Apostles.  The author is really not trying to hide a message by changing the word from Chapter 10 to 11, though the English translator did change the word from Chapter 10 to 11.  I do read Hebrew and Greek interlinear and I can back up the things I say.

Manna (Greek: Manna)  There is a shrub in the middle east that makes a flaky substance with a taste similar to honey, the locals call it manna.  This may be the substance that formed in circles at the Israelite camp during the Exodus.  The first time they saw it the Israelites said "What is it?"  I believe this means, the word of God is a testament.  The word manna means, what is it, and, the bread of life.

Video games must be off here, the character drinks a bottle of manna to fill his magic power level, I suppose it depends on where you are getting your spirituality from, is it an unrighteous spirituality? Are there unrighteous sources for an unholy spirituality?

A sort of spiritual power about the body would be more like virtue, power (Greek: dunamis).  The disciples wrote that the Lord felt virtue go out of him when a woman was healed by his faith.  The word virtue can mean spiritual power or virtues, such as the virtue of driving away evil spirits of disease in one's presence, so (Greek: dunamis) can mean power or powers.  Mainstream society, video games and such must be off on the meaning of the word manna, I believe they are actually trying to say dunamis.  Did I mention I'm a writer?  Someone should give me a book deal so I can write all the time.

Let us examine John 6. the author tells us, Moses congregation ate manna in the wilderness and died, I give you the bread of life so that you may eat it and live.  I am that bread of life, whoever cometh to me shall never hunger and whoever believeth in me shall never thirst.  I am the bread of life come down from heaven to give life unto the world.

He tells us to eat his flesh and drink his blood as a metaphor for living by the spirit...  live by me, whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood dwelleth in me and I in him.  The spirit gives life (quickens) the flesh profits nothing.

He was put to death in the flesh and yet made alive (quickened) in the spirit.

The author is making a contrast between the spirit and the flesh, he is telling us to listen to our higher spirit and ignore the flesh, sin, our lustful, deceiving human tendencies that profit nothing.  So John Chapter 6 is saying, live for the spirit it makes alive, the flesh profits nothing.  Live for the spirit and not the flesh, the meaning of the entire Holy Bible.  

A decade after the crucifixion Christ's disciples at the Jerusalem council said do not eat blood and do not fornicate. James congregation tells us in Acts 21, do not eat blood, do not fornicate, and we are zelous for the law (without stoning and animal sacrifice for the remission of sin).  Not eating blood is a sacred thing, it has been sacred since Yahoweh told Noah, do not eat flesh with the life.  He commanded the blood be spilled out on the ground like water.

John 6 is a metaphor for living for the spirit and not the flesh!


Actually translates as priest of Baal ism.  

Human meat is unclean, every animal with paws is unclean, they taste awful.  Did you ever notice how clean meat tastes good?  Beef, deer, bass, the list goes on and on.  There are only a few unclean foods that may seem edible by taste, swine, shellfish, catfish and not much else.  Every clean animal has a beautiful taste, over 99% of unclean tastes like trash.

Seventh day Adventist communities have proven, eating clean food without blood makes you immune to every form of cancer, cists and other diseases caused by eating unclean food.

I have seen human meat it looks very dark and like a tough stringy texture, very much like raccoon, rat, and monkey, unclean.  I had skinned raccoons, squirrels, groundhogs, and rabbits before I repented for touching unclean carcasses, I do know what the muscle tissue looks like.

Dogs, cats, raccoons, lemurs, sloths, groundhogs, monkeys, squirells and other distasteful things, with paws, are unclean.  Human meat is unclean!

When Leningrad, Russia was under siege by the Nazi's in WW2 the people that were reduced to eating human meat went sadly insane, this is a side effect of eating human, and was God's punishment to his own disobedient people in cities under siege.  

No prophet in the Bible ever cannibalized anybody, in all the blood and guts, no prophet of Israel was a cannibal.

Read John 6, live for the spirit, the flesh profits nothing. This is a hard (metaphor) who can hear it?  I am the bread of life come down from heaven to give life unto the world.  And then James forbids Christians to eat blood in Acts 21, John 6 is obviously a metaphor.  "For my flesh is food indeed, and my blood is drink indeed."

Genesis 32 tells us, the children of Israel eat not of the sinew on the hip.  This is referring to a pagan ritual of human sacrifice and canni(baal)ism practiced in the Middle East and as far as ancient Britain before Christ.  The underlying meaning is that Israel and Judea Christian nations do not practice human sacrifice and cannibalism, also remember where God held back Abraham's hand from sacrificing his own son on the alter, the underlying meaning is that Abraham's society did not practice human sacrifice and cannibalism in a world where everyone else did, from Egypt to South America to Abraham's very next door neighbors.  God provided a ram for sacrifice that had its horns caught in a thorn bush.  This act of angelic divine intervention really happened 3750 years ago, the underlying meaning to a ram being given to Abraham is that God provided his only begotten son on the altar to be sacrificed for the life of the world, this story is often depicted in artwork with the ram as a lamb.

There are things that really happened in the Bible and also the Lord speaks in parables and metaphors.

Cannibalism, vampirism is witchcraft.

Where sorcerers like Hitler's Vrill Cult cannibalized children because they believed that children had the most life force (or vrill) in their blood, God told his people, do not eat blood with life.  Do you see how God's people are humble and are simply not interested in sorcery.

It was said in the WW2 era the 1st ammendment, the freedom of speech, can have limitations when a matter of national security.  Is it not obvious?  The public massacres, the school shootings are a result of these passive aggressive horror movies where human beings are graphically murdered with power tools... blood everywhere...  Let's grow up.  Violence in movies should be illegal.  Drugs in movies should be illegal.  If it's illegal on the street it should be illegal in entertainment that people take home and then come out into the real world passive aggressive and mentally ill.  By not limiting the 1st ammendment we have created a nation of mentally ill human beings, it is a threat to national security, and it's only going to get worse.  I do not believe that the second amendment, the right to bear arms, is the cause of the school shootings, but I do believe that the first and second amendment do not mix at this time.

Bear, Hebrew: Dubbim (doo bum)

Then he (Elisha) went up from there to Bethel; and as he was going up by the way, young lads came out from the city and mocked him and said to him, “Go up, you baldhead; go up, you baldhead!”  When he looked behind him and saw them, he cursed them in the name of YHWH.  Then two female bears came out of the woods and tore up forty-two lads of their number.

see Levitcus 26.

"If then you act with hostility and are unwilling to hear/obey me … I will send the wild beasts among you and bereave you of your children"

There are some that claim that bear is a mistranslation from some other kind of beast.  How would I know?  I do believe that it was two bears.

Tachash (Hebrew: ?)

Mistranslated in English as badger and even manatee.  God did not "shod his people in badgers skins", or tell them to "cover the tabernacle in badgers skins", we are commanded to not touch the carcasses of unclean animals.

We think tachash is a sheep.

We barely have a Bible.  Due to mistranslation and corruption of information, we barely have a religion. The Romans burnt their own libraries to destroy information concerning the first Jewish Christians they committed genocide on.  And the rest is... well the rest was the dark ages until about 1850 when the new light began being shed on the first Jewish Christians.  Here it's 2017 AD also 5777 on the Hebrew calendar and we can just see Christ's disciples, the first Jewish Christian monks.  I can see their spirit of peace, and chastity that they maintained is The Holy Spirit.  Consider some common sense like sex is for making children and I'm not going to allow anyone to do that with my wife in the natural world, peace and unity without fornication and strife, add some well sought after historical documentation on Jewish monks, like The Clementine Homilies, and then you can catch a glimpse of Christ's disciples, the first Jewish Christians in the time of Christ.  They were not evil, they were not trying to justify every evil source of evil spirituality, they were just good because they lived by the principalities that the Lord has set forth in his word.  Let's do like them and be saved from this world and their miserable psychology.

I encourage you to read my book, Caught up with the Holy Spirit, Hebrew and Greek Root Words in Scripture, version 2 published 2017, by Rev. Joseph Baker Davis, available on

If you made it this far I want you to know who you look like.  You look alot like me, and God wants you to be saved.

The Corruption

The corruption is all part of the new world orders agenda to condition the Earth.  100 years ago there was no UN or European Union, now there are politicians worldwide proposing bills to institute a one world currency.  

Let me ask you something, do you think anyone has any money?  There are just people working hard to hold things together and keep things looking nice.  The road crews keep the roads in shape, the farmers keep the food coming... that's all we really have.  All our money is just numbers on paper and meaningless.  The only possessions you will ever have is clothes and food, the basic human needs that Yeshua has promised will be provided even through supernatural intervention.  

The United States is going to be cut off from trading with the rest of the world at any moment.  The economy is going to go into a Great Depression at any moment.  Life savings insured by the federal government are going to be completely lost at any moment.  World War could be declared and the infrastructure of electricity, and communication, and food transportation can be destroyed instantly.

What corruption am I talking about... here's a good example of wickedness in high places,  the Atheist Nazis that tried to take over the world.  Hitler was a nut for the theory of evolution and eugenics, eliminating the disabled, Margaret Sanger that started the Planned Parenthood Program was all about eugenics.  Allen Welsh Dulles and Sidney Gottlieb the directors of the United States CIA in the 1970's, who started the MK Ultra program that did manipulative experiments on human beings such as radio implants into brain tissue, and other secret human experiments.  In the 1970's these men worshiped Satan with Anton Leviegh and the Church of Satan in the same European castles as Hitlers Vrill Cult, when they murdered children and drank their blood for Satanic power.

Repent now for every sin, and hang on to the humble gifts that God has given you.  Unconditional love of your Christian family.  God's unconditional love of freedom.  I know you can be forgiven because I had the born again experience after abusing drugs and alcohol for a decade.  I started reading the Holy Bible from page 1 and totally transformed my mind, my spirit, and healed my body.  Satan wants to convince you that you cannot be forgiven.  God is willing to forgive you for anything!  God is that great!  Paul had murdered a great many early Christians before he was called by Yeshua to be an apostle.  Great is God's power to forgive.  It is actually those that had sinned the most that will love God the most when they come to repent.  I know that may not seem fair to some, but who ever said life was fair?  It's like the parable of the vineyard, all the workers were paid the same (salvation) though some had only worked a fraction of the day. (Repented at the end.)  Great is God's patience, and Great is God's forgiveness!

I want you to see what the United States federal government is preparing for.  Governor Jesse Ventura drove right into one of the many huge underground cities at the end of this episode.  European countries are stockpiling fresh water from America's Great Lakes... the world is preparing for the worst.


Let's examine one of the greatest deceptions of all time next to Darwin's Theory of Evolution.

There is a coming one world order.  Satan will do everything he can to conform you to the New World Order by using psychological deceptions such as the theory of evolution, and alien hysteria.    

Fallen angel is another way of saying demon.

Lucifer and the fallen angels can manifest, as lights in the sky, and will decieve the nations, with fear, hysteria, and delusion.  Psychologists have studied alien abduction and found that those who call upon the name of the Lord God, or sing a hymn, end the nightmare.

Ancient Jewish texts reveal that before the flood, fallen angels had taught men how to dash the embryo in the womb...

In world war two, reportadly, the different nationalities would actually see the same angel at the same time in different forms of their saints depending on their nationality.  Angels can appear in different forms to different individuals.  It was obviously God's will the Allies won world war two, the Nazi's would actually perceive the Allies across the battlefield as having far more troops than they did thus affecting the outcome of the battle.

The bible never says that an angel in human form has wings, holy men from the bible have asked, "Be ye an angel?" 

If they had seen wings they wouldn't have had to ask.

Youtube has been lit up, just these last few years, with hours of footage of fallen angels.  The light shape shifts into various forms.  These demons can take the form of saucers, clouds, birds, airplanes, and we can see portals that can be created in satanic ceremonies.  These portals are a swirling cloud of negative energy that feeds the manifestation of evil spirits on Earth.  

These fallen angels are the manifestations of evil spirits that feed on negative human emotions.  The fallen angel phenomenon is a snowball effect of negative human emotions (what I keep calling Satan's miserable psychology) building until the conformation of the Human race into Satan's New World Order, alien agenda, eugenics, robotic implants, genetic modification, all based on Darwin's theory of Evolution that for any unbelievers only has one possible explanation, "aliens must have put humans and animals on Earth and there is no Yahweh!"

Fallen Angels are not disembodied human ghosts from portals to Catholic Hell.  They are in fact evil spirits doing the bidding of Satan pushing the human race towards conformation to The New World Order, One World Currency, and One World Religion, also called the Universalist Church, ever notice the bumper stickers?

The New World Order accepts the hysteria and ignores Christ and the principalities set forth in God's word that seperate the nature of a priest or Israelite from that of a sorcerer.

When one ignores Christ, it is called a point of low consciousness, and will turn the mind into a viscous loop, and a descent into insanity.  A fragile state open to doing the will of the devil and his angels, otherwise known as demonic possession.

Elongated bound skulls, "not exactly human" skulls are a result of a minor change in code from demons of inner space.  The front plate of the skull was not human.  Just as the Amelekites were corrupted human beings, demonic possession can alter the human being.  A change in facial structure is a common symptom of demonic possession and also relief.

Bible. Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

I will be with you even unto the end of the world.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Matthew 7

If you want to go to life obey the commandments which are these... Matthew 19

If thou will be perfect sell what thou hast and give to the poor and thou will have treasure stored up in heaven, come follow me.  When the young man heard this he went away sorrowful for he had many great possessions.  Matthew 19

Folks I have a trade and I have tools, that's all I have, I've been careful for years not to have too many posessions that would make my house worldly.  I am ready to leave this world behind.

Just do as the New Testament says and you will never go wrong.  Listen to Yahoweh deep inside you.  If he tells you to be sober then be sober, now and forever.  If he tells you to stop watching violent movies, porno, playing violent video games, then listen and you will be surprised what life will turn into.  You will realize that he has saved you, and you are going to heaven.  Life is awesome when you take the time to enjoy it. You will find peace of mind when you enter into the rest with Yeshua.

There shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.  Matthew 24

How can you believe a lie?

I want to give a special thanks to all my friends in the creationist community that have helped to compile this research.   Once again I will mention,  I gathered most of this information from creationists and evolution scientists alike, using their own research to back up creation science.

I have made a list of my personal accomplishments from 2014 to 2016 so you can decide if I'm qualified to be your teacher.

-  As far as I know I'm the first one to point out what similarities we do not have with animals and why this debunks the theory of evolution.  Such as, why do we not regenerate our limbs such as crustations, and why are we not immune to snake venom like the hedgehog... and many more.

-  I did a complete study into the supposed giraffe missing link family.  I found that climacocorous, sivatherium and all the rest were every one of them based on one bone fragment, usually just globbed skulls with nubs for antlers that look like the giraffes ossicones, and evolution scientists will agree with me that nubs can look like ossicones.  Cave paintings are most often in-proportionate to the animal, so there is no record.  There are no missing links between okapi and giraffe, and giraffe is quite irreducibly complex, so who would the first giraffe have mated with?

-  I always knew "the seed was in itself."

-  I always knew Ron Wyatt's discoveries were totally factual.  And I ended up following the evidence through archaeology to the Seventh Day church that he attended.

-  I had told my first wife, we need to eat right if we are going to concieve.  It has been proven at this point eating kosher foods and avoiding pesticides etc. will eliminate the risk of cancer and cists.  I am divorced to my first wife and she is barren, diseased, and doesn't eat right to this day.  God's word tells us, "there will not be a barren among you."

-  I had to explain to my first wife that we show our faith through our works, as you can read in James, "I will show you my faith by my works," this was a sore subject between her father and I.

-  I had to explain to my first wife what Yeshua meant when he said, "hate your mother and father, brother and sister."  Without needing to do a word study in Greek I told her, "he means to despise the evil things they do."  I did the word study and I was right to the very word!  Yeshua is telling us to despise the spirits of fornication, witchcraft, and satanic power that will possess most human beings.

-  As far as I know I'm the first to draw the line between James group of Jewish Christians, and the group that made the Essene Gospel of Peace, when Paul prophesied the "doctrine of devils that would forbid marriage and command vegetarianism," he was clearly referring to the vegetarian doctrine of Christian apocrypha, these so called Essene priest vegetarians forbade marriage and practiced homosexuality.

-  I had never seen another denomination do as deep a study into virginity in the Torah as I did.  Paul also agrees that girls are to save their virginity for marriage, "it is better to marry than to burn."  Corinthians 7.

-  I did a complete study into Korah's rebellion in Numbers 16 and found that there were no hidden undertones of the priests practicing homosexuality, or eating blood.  The rebellion was a matter of Aaron's monarchy blood lineage of the priesthood vs. a democracy that wanted to leave the wilderness.

-  I was the first one to prove that human meat would be considered unclean by kosher law.  Every animal with paws is unclean, even by the naked eye human meat shares the same texture as squirrel, raccoon, monkey, etc. muscle fibers.  I am doing an in depth study into muscle tissue of all animals from my own office, I will publish color photos from my digital microscope in the near future.         

 -  Since I was married to my first wife I had suspected that the point of the entire Holy Bible is to keep the Torah as a matter of free will.  My feelings were confirmed in Acts 21 where we can see a clear picture of James Church of Hebrews in Jerusalem.  And also the research of others has clearly shown that Paul kept the Torah.

-  In 2015 AD, also called 5776 on the Hebrew calendar, myself and at least one other man that I know of in the United States had both basically spontaneously realized the impending end of creation on the Hebrew Calendar in the year 2239 AD (6000 on the Hebrew calendar).  The 6000 year creation is seen throughout Jewish literature in rabbinical studies for several thousand years.  The Hebrew calendar that we are going by has been in use since the first temple period of 500 BC, the time of Ezra.  We can clearly see that Christians will be on the Earth no more than 223 years from now, now being 2016 AD on the Roman Julian Calendar also 5777 on the Hebrew Calendar.  This is like Terrence Mkennas bogus claim that creation would end in 2012 AD however this is the real end of time, a theology that Jewish Rabbis and now Christians are well aware of.  I believe that the world will end 223 years from now and all of creation will be destroyed by fire 1,223 years from now.  I mentioned my finding in my poetry book, Poetry by Joseph Baker Davis published 5776 (2015 AD), available on  "For 224 years I will be Hissing Turtle, I have returned to my world, and I intend to see it end."

I was right at every turn!

Are these demons?

They are.  This one is called Slender Man, he is a demon that shows up at kid's birthday parties.

Watch out for my new book






All they ever had of sivatherium was a partial skull and then they go and put it on a stuffed juvenille giraffe.  Okay at this point we're saying where are all the mutations, why are they so hard to find and all pieced together? And I do mean all the mutations.

If Darwins theory of trial and error, survival of the fittest, he called natural selection were true, there would be the strangest failed mutations you've ever seen absolutely everywhere in the fossil record.  The ground would be absolutely littered in transitional animals.

When the giraffe bends down to take a drink of water it needs a system of check valves in its main artery to control the pressure from its massive heart all the way to its head, or else it would blow its brains out its ears. When it stands up to run away from a lion, it gets fresh blood from a sponge under its brain or else it would pass out and fall over.  This is an example of an animal that is irreducibly complex.